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Shaun Sayer Solves Cardinals Problems

And so the Rafael Furcal era ends in St. Louis.

With the announcement of Tommy John surgery, Furcal is out for 2013. Considering how botched this situation has been since September of last year, the chances of the Cardinals running this back in 2014 fall somewhere between 0% and 0%. 

He's a free agent and he'll be more than free to shop around for the best deal he can get.

So as we stand on March 7th, Ronny Cedeno slides into the Opening Day starter role, until Pete Kozma unseats him before April. We've covered Cedeno before and Kozma is a light-hitting minor-leaguer who had a crazy good September/October, but is less than a stable long-term solution.

What do the Cardinals do? WHAT DO THEY DO?

Thankfully they have Shaun Sayer, a guy who follows the Cardinals on The Facebooks and is ready to share the answer:


So there you have it.

Quit "crying poor", Cardinals. And get "Tulowiski" on this team ASAP. It's something I personally hadn't considered, but now that it's been posted online, I totally agree with.