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Soccer Coming To Busch Stadium & The Friday Links

U2. Dave Matthews. The Eagles. 

The Busch Stadium concert series has drawn some impressive artists to town the past few years and has become an annual tradition… something to get excited about about. (Except the Eagles, I think this about sums up the Eagles.)
So what do the Cardinals have in store for 2013?
Wait, wha?
That's right. May 23rd, Premier League teams Manchester City and Chelsea will face off on the diamond pitch for an exhibition match.
Part of an exhibition tour featuring the two teams state side, St. Louis will be hosting top-flight soccer for the first time in over 15 years (according to people that know) and the first time ever in Busch Stadium. The club expects a sell-out crowd of nearly 42,000 fans in the special soccer configuration.
Ok, it doesn't really count for anything. And seeing how the Premier League will finish a few weeks before the match, you can probably count on several of the top line stars to either sit this one out or be pulled from action early. 
But still… pretty cool. 
I'm not a soccer guy, per se. The US/Mexico match earlier this week was cool. The World Cup is always a fun sporting event to watch. I've seen some Messi highlights that looked pretty sick. 
Other people live and die with soccer.
So kudos to the DeWitt's for thinking outside the bun and bringing an event to St. Louis that our city can enjoy. Hell, thanks to them for doing something different. I mean, it's not like anyone else in this town had any connections to bring major soccer to STL before the Cardinals stepped in…
Now, the Friday Links…
Things look cooler with leather gloves. LINK HERE
Spongebob ruins party. LINK HERE
Skywriting. LINK HERE
Lazy people. LINK HERE
Real mature, guys. LINK HERE
That's it, friends. That's the week. I think it's supposed to be above 30 degrees for the first time in 2 years this weekend, so it might finally be time for us to get outside and do something. Then again, last weekend we had a foot of snow. Opening Day on MONDAY!