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Some Words, Then Some Friday Links

I’m a lazy ass and didn’t feel like re-hashing more Mark McGwire schlock for InsideSTL.com, so do me a favor, go to the site today, like you do every Friday, but just know ahead of time that it’s pretty much this article re-formatted for them.

Yes, that’s minor-league.  At the same time, I went out for dinner last night and THIS was served. I’m sure Harvest had me and 3 other jacklegs throwing a fish head around the table mortifying the other patrons when they put that on the menu, right?

And after you get done going to InsideSTL.com, come back and read Christine Brennan’s article in USA Today on Mark McGwire. Why? Because it’s El Dragon’s birthday this weekend and the only thing he hates more than Bud Selig… is loving Christine Brennan. LINK HERE

Yes, that’s a complicated sentence for a man with mercurial tastes.

Have a beefy weekend friends. Enjoy some NFL playoffs and a reprieve from soul shredding coldness.

Now, some links…

  • 25 Sharpie egg face scenes shouldn’t be cool. But it is. LINK HERE
  • As far as I can tell, this is the most useful augmented reality use yet. LINK HERE
  • Lamebook is the gift that keeps on giving. LINK HERE
  • The 7 best commercials done by St. Louis Cardinals. LINK HERE
  • The classroom is a rougher place than I remember it. LINK HERE
  • Let’s once again, turn it over to the Lamebook. LINK HERE
  • The top 7 classic movie moments you didn’t know were improv. LINK HERE