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Some Words Then The Friday Links

It’s on. 

The Cardinals are all in camp for the first full-squad workout of spring training with Lance Berkman the last to arrive. You know, because taking over a position you haven’t played regularly for years that used to be occupied by the second best player the franchise has ever known is whatever bro. 

Carlos Beltran is in Jupiter too. Sporting the #3. Is it just me, or does it always feel wrong when a new guy comes in and takes #3? When is the appropriate time to give up on my hopes Edgar Renteria is coming back? Did you know that a girlfriend of mine in college had a roommate. And her roommate’s sister dated Renteria for a while?

You probably didn’t. But she said he didn’t talk much. And by much, hardly at all. They’d just sit in his apartment and say nothing to each other for long periods of time. But, hey – pro athlete, right?

March 5th is the first spring training game, so there is still some time to watch clips of defensive drills and bunt strategy. In the meantime, I think we can all be a little pissed that every time we go to Florida it’s overcast and cold. But it seems like every Spring Training clip I see it’s sunny and 80. What the hell is up with that.

I went to Spring Training one time. You know what happened? Hurricane. Blew out the windows of my parents rental car. Saw the hotel staff throw everything that wasn’t bolted down into the pool. And we spent hours cowering in door jams. Screw you Florida.

Now the Friday Links…

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That’s it. That’s the week. Let’s send you out with a couple of Will Ferrell NBA lineup announcements. I don’t know why he’s doing THIS or THIS and I don’t care. Have a big weekend.