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Song Dedications for 2012 St. Louis Cardinals

Like most OK ideas we have at Cards Diaspora, they generally happen after the fact. Is that going to stop us from having the Top 5 2012 Song Dedications to the Cardinals 3 days into 2013?


No it isn't. Bonus music insight on each song too!

DEDICATION 1 – To Albert Pujols: "Brand New Me" by Alicia Keys

It took a long summer and another playoff run, but Cardinal fans, for the most part, are over El Hombre. Mostly. There are still those times when you see the #3 spot roll around in the Cardinals order and kind of wish AP was coming up… but, no, really… it's all good now.

Bonus Music Commentary: From the 5:06 point of this song, it's hard to not say that Alicia is the most talented woman on Earth. Very, very few people can command an entire arena with a piano and a voice. This song never hit as a single, but still one of the best songs of 2012.

DEDICATION 2 – To NLCS Game 7: "I Cry" by Flo Rida

Damn this game. I guess we could also dedicate this to games 6 or 5 too, but game 7 meant it really, honestly was over in 2012. The run of improbable comebacks had drawn to a close and the Cardinals were going to be sent home with the possibility of back-to-back World Series in their back pocket.


Bonus Music Commentary: This song doesn't get old. It's great at the gym. It's great at parties. I think when we look back at 2012 it was the year that EDM went pop. No rapper has made that transition better than Flo Rida. He might lack street cred, but the dude is cranking out Top 40 hits when stalwarts like Lil' Wayne are getting dusted.

DEDICATION 3 – To Kyle Lohse: "Money Trees" by Kendrick Lamar

An argument could be made that Lohse is one of the best walk-year pitchers of all time. 3 times now he's parlayed big contract seasons into monster contracts. (Yes, he'll get paid this off-season). The rest of the time he's bad to OK, but when the $$$ is in sight, Lohse delivers.

Bonus Music Commentary: Raise your hand if you're excited for the Kendrick Lamar era. (Bonus fact: his last name is Duckworth). His latest album 'Good Kid. m.A.A.d. City' flashes massive potential. A rapper, yes. But also an artist that's going to challenge the definition of that word. His next album could be transcendent.

DEDICATION 4 – To Mike Matheney: "Heavy Cross" by Gossip

There were some bumps and bruises in 2012. But replacing the greatest modern day manager in the history of a sport without coaching anything above little league is pretty much an impossible task. Hell, sports is the only place where something like this can happen. You don't go from running your student council to Senator or President, right? Mike did an outstanding job of keeping himself out of the way and letting a team get after it.

Bonus Music Commentary: Technically this song is from 2009. But most of you were exposed to it this winter during the holiday advertising season when Dior featured it in a commercial along with Charlize Theron. Hard to imagine this band isn't much, much bigger than it is. 

DEDICATION 5 – To Oscar Tavares: "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen

It's time for the best prospect in baseball not named Bryce Harper or Mike Trout to get to the bigs. It's time for the Cardinals to make the call and get Oscar in the show ASAP.

Bonus Music Commentary: Yes, this was the single greatest YouTube lipdub in the history of the genre. There is no second place. Or any other place.