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Sore Elbow + Cardinals Medical Staff = Trepidation

Twitter can be a real pisser sometimes.

You’re minding your business, grinding through a Wednesday when you decide to take a little mental break and check out Twitter for 60 seconds and see what’s going on in the world.

Look at that Chief Keef is getting evicted. And KD? Just pay up, man. Just a few more Tweets and I’ll get back at it…



Did we not just get done verbally fellating Wainright like 8 hours ago? No. NO. This is NOT happening. The Baseball Gods are not doing our boy like this. Please tell me that someone is pranking Jen.

Turns out that the Cardinals are being extra cautious with Wainwright. And that the elbow looks to be OK from the MRI. But all is not good on the Wainwright beat.

After his win Tuesday in the Cardinals’ 1-0 victory against the Rays, Wainwright outlined how already this season he’s pitched a couple games with a sore back, how he pitched through tendinitis without revealing it publicly, and how he’s dealt with hold cold-like symptoms for more than a month. He wonders if the latter might be allergies. He also pitched a game with the flu.

That’s from the P-D article.

So the elbow is fine, but Wain-O has pretty much been on the verge of being admitted to the ICU all season long for ailments other than the elbow? Um. I guess this is good news?

Sorry if the Cardinals medical staff (paging Joe Kelly – Joe Kelly to the rotation – Jooooooe Kelly) isn’t the most reliable source of information and we choose to have an extended panic attack until we see our sickly ace out on the mound mowing down Mets on Monday.

Until then, we reserve the right to freak out.

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