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St. Louis Cardinals Headlines

Some random Cardinals notes from the news:

1- All Cardinals games will be broadcast on TV in 2011. 152 will be on FSN while 9 will be on FOX and 1 on ESPN. Any games moved to Sunday Night would come from the FOX pool of games. LINK HERE

2- A day after having his first (known) child, Rick “The Stick” Ankiel stopped by the Cardinals spring training facility to take a few cuts. And also decided to have a little batting practice too. LINK HERE

3- Jon Heyman decided to dump gasoline on the forest fire known as the “Pujols Contract” when he wrote in SI that the Cardinals have virtually “no chance” of signing the slugger to a contract before his self-imposed deadline. LINK HERE

4- VEB, almost instantly, skinned Heyman’s story and filleted what was left of his argument. LINK HERE

5- The Cardinals signed two prospects from the Dominican Republic and fans everywhere unfairly decided to compare them to Pujols. Or maybe that was just me, before I even clicked a link. Prospects make you crazy like that. LINK HERE

6- If you think the name Tim Kebel sounds like someone that might be an epic scumbag- you win today’s prize. Because the guy that double dipped and ripped you and the credit card companies off is going to the pokey. LINK HERE

7- Mike Shannon agreed to a 3-year extension as the voice of the Cardinals on KMOX. Rooney and Claibs also inked deals. LINK HERE

Despite what we think… Spring is close my friends. It’s very close.