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Cardinals Lose Plurality; Gain Burnt Out Sign

St. Louis is becoming a town with a bunch of burnt out signs.

First the iconic ‘Budweiser’ sign that resides in Soulard was feared to have been shorted out. But it turns out the Brewery is being cautious and keeping it off as the rain continues to pound the region, fearing that the water will kill portions of the sign.

Turns out our friends at Busch Stadium can’t shake the Brewer’s legacy after all and have turned off the ‘S’ in the Cardinals sign over Musial Bridge.

Or they’re just letting the World Champions home fall apart. I mean, who would have guessed that ‘The Big Ad’ on Clark was built on the cheap?

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a little worried that I haven’t seen any construction going on down at Busch. What new elements are being added to the stadium to fete the 2011 World Series winners? Time will tell…