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St. Louis Cardinals Release 2012 Ad Campaign

Unlike the Royals or Pirates or really any other team except the Red Sox, the Cardinals don’t have to heavily promote that they’re playing games. 

They do because the difference between 3.1 million fans through the gates and 3.3 million is worthwhile ROI, but St. Louisian’s are pretty well trained to plan their social calendar around the baseball.

The past couple of seasons, a late Spring Training highlight has been the release of the Cardinals TV campaign.

The teams ad agency will film these at the beginning of Spring Training and use several players and the spots will air for a month or two until the season is really underway.

This year’s crop is getting the slow reveal and you can watch all of the commercials here: LINK HERE

Mind you, this is not biting fare. They’re trying to appeal to an extraordinarily wide and generally milquetoast audience. There will be no Kenny Powers involved on any level. And frankly, that’s a real shame.

What do you think? Did the new creative agency they hired this year do the team justice? Are they better than the previous years? Do you give a single shit?