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St. Louis Superman Banned From Area Around Busch Stadium

The great Lindsay Toler of the Riverfront Times is doing yeoman’s work today and getting to the bottom of the St. Louis Superman ban that was handed down by the Cardinals.

Charlee Soffer is a dude that dresses up like Superman and hangs around Cardinals games to take pics with anyone that’s interested. Since he’s a ‘street performer’ he likes to be compensated for his ‘work’.

Mr. Soffer is not in a booth with clear pricing, nor does he have around him any sort of signage that indicates he offers pictures for payment.


Because you can’t just be outside a stadium trying to siphon off money that the Cardinals would rather you spend inside the stadium or with their outside vendors selling merchandise.

So he prefers to take pics first and ask for money after.

Some people pay. Other don’t. You wouldn’t be right or wrong either way. He didn’t clearly state his prices, but he is ‘working’ not volunteering. The bottom line, though? The Cardinals believe it’s subterfuge.

So STL Superman is no longer welcome around Busch Stadium.

You can hear an audio interview that Mr. Soffer did with JoeSportsFan.com here.

The RFT is reporting that Mr. Soffer is working with the Cardinals to sort out this ‘misunderstanding’, and if Ms. Toler bring us anything new, we’ll post it.

Photo: STLToday