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Stan Musial’s Wallet For Sale On eBay

Doesn’t how great you are. You still need to carry a wallet.

Stan Musial was the greatest Cardinal of them all, but still. A wallet. Packed with cards and pictures of the Pope and Lil and home owners association member cards. During during his estate stale it was sold. Now, it’s appeared on eBay for in excess of 2,000 dollars.

Note to the seller: CLEAN UP YOUR DESCRIPTION MODULE. My word, what a mess. This is Stan The Man. Have a little respect.

Deadspin went through the morass and culled what’s included in the offering:

  • A photo of the Musial family
  • A photo of Lillian, Stan’s wife of 72 years
  • A photo of Pope John Paul II
  • Two health care cards
  • A temporary ID card for Musial’s pacemaker
  • An auto insurance card
  • A hospital ID card
  • An honorary membership card from the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association
  • A membership card from a homeowners’ association
  • A $100 bill that Musial always carried “for emergencies.”

So there you go, Cardinals Nation. Stan’s wallet is once again on the open market. The closest single thing to Stan’s butt all those years can be in your hands for the right amount of money. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Photo: eBay