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Stephen Jackson Interview

No need to re-warm the Cardinals egg from last night. It was one of their worst games of the season against a team that has 17 wins against teams not located in Miami. 

Instead, let's watch this clip that Mountain Fresh sent over last night from Stephen Jackson. 

You always said you wished your athletes would speak the truth and not cliches. Stephen Jackson doesn't hold back. 

Topics covered:

+ How good it feels to punch a fan in the stands.

+ How to avoid a 40+ bullet storm when you're a kid.

+ The best Ron Artest story of all time?

+ Players whipping each other's junk with towels in the shower.

+ Surgery with no anesthesia on your face.

Here's to Mr. Jackson coming to a broadcast booth near you as soon as he retires. If not sooner. Is there a way to get him on Game 4 of the Finals tonight?