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STL Cardinals Have Been Uniforms In Sports


We all want it. And yesterday ESPN provided it. 

The 2013 UniWatch Power Rankings were released, slotting NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL uniforms in order of greatness and the St. Louis Cardinals were ranked #1 (Complete list HERE)

Looks like the addition of the Saturday home alternate kit was the deciding factor, not the much gabbed about red vs blue road cap controversy.

But in the end, ESPN and UniWatch got it right. There is no more iconic uniform in sports. 

Simple, timeless and with just the right amount of red. I think we all feel just like this

And no time like when you're sitting at the top than to make some big gambles – the bizzaro Apple, if you will – right? So bring back the baby blues for Sunday games and let's run this #1 ranking again in 2014.