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STL Cards v SD Padres LIVE CHAT! 9p CST

A while back we tested this program that allows for real time blogging and chat during a SF/STL baseball game. It was good times.

So tonight, we’re teaming up with Joe Sports Fan to do another one. We will have live polls as the game goes on, comments from everyone and PRIZES. In fact, I’m going to mail an envelope of cash to one participant. That’s right, no note. No return address. Just cash. In an envelope. If that doesn’t scream ‘bookmark this page and get back here at 9p CST’ then I don’t know you that well.

Hopefully Sebek, Trumbsy and HMW will be in the house… with FWC (tentatively) scheduled to be in San Diego for the game and checking in from PetCo live. And come 9p, that box below will be your gateway to awesome.