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STL v AZ: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Weird game in the sand last night. Just weird.

Let’s go to the tape and find the Good, the Bad and the Ugly:


Ryan Ludwick- When he’s locked in, the guy is a good a hitter as the Cardinals have. Like a good hit of acid, you’ve got to ride the lightning when it’s hot. And it looks like right now Ludwick has tapped his alter ego Studwick for the first time in 2010.

Stealing- I’m not positive that Rasmus is going to be a 40+ thief, but 2 attempts last night, at least we’re going to find out if he’s still got the goods with a bigger frame. Plus, by mentioning Rasmus, it gives us a chance to mention THIS!

Resiliency- There was still a shot for the Cards in the ninth inning of last night’s game. They’ve been in  every single game. They’ll lose their fair share, but it doesn’t look like this team is going to get blown out of the water, even on terrible pitching nights. That’s a positive.


Home Runs- The Cardinals can’t score a run without a home run. Which, I mean, if they can get 7 runs a game just of the home run, then I guess they’ll be pretty alright. But wouldn’t you like to see them scratch out a run or two a game on something other than the long ball? PS: I just bought stock in the fireworks company that supplies shots to Busch Stadium. I suggest you do the same.

Working Counts- Dan Haren was not spectacular, by any means, Tuesday night. But the Cards refused to work the count consistently and let him get 6 innings in a game that was begging to blow up the AZ bullpen that has been AWFUL this season. The Cards have to get smarter AB’s so talented pitchers don’t have the chance to re-group in a start.

Fans- Of the Diamondbacks, that is. I’m pretty sure 60% of the people that came out to see two pretty good teams clash were Cardinal supporters, as evidenced by the fact that Don Luc was able to spot a buddy of his in the stands during a routine foul ball. That shit shouldn’t happen. NBA game or not. (Bonus points since the buddy was too busy stuffing his face to chase the ball AND double bonus points for Don getting the shot freezed framed to text the guy to prove how fat he was by immortalizing his piggy-ness on camera forever.)


Kyle Lohse- 3 innings. 7 earned runs. Gave up the lead in all three innings… just a piss poor effort all around from the 11 million dollar man. Joe Strauss of the PD reported on Twitter that Lohse was battling a severe head cold, so that could be a contributing factor. His first 2 starts were pedestrian. It’s not time to give up on Kyle, but it is time to expect a better ROI on his contract extension he received after 2008. Starts like these won’t help the perception he’s been a bust.

Dan Haren- 4 hits? The pitcher? COME ON. That’s just craziness.

Mitchell Boggs- Losing faith in this arm. Rapidly. Some guys come in and affect the game positively. Boggs has been the complete antithesis of this guy in 2010.