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Stoney’s Denver: An Official Cardinals Bar

Thursday October 20th 2011.

My real job had sent me to Denver Colorado to conduct some work. The Cardinals were playing Game 2 of the World Series that night. 

Luckily, some good friends of mine live in Denver and these good friends are Cardinal fans. We set out to find the best place to watch the game and settled on Stoney's Bar & Grill on Lincoln Street. Turns out several other Cardinal fans were there. The Cardinals won Game 2, I stayed the weekend, went back to Stoney's with several more Cardinal fans and watched Albert Pujols give us what turned out to be his parting gift

Freaking love Stoney's.

So it's with great pleasure I got this pic from my friend this past weekend:

That's right outside the front door. It's become the official St. Louis Cardinals bar for fans in Denver Colorado. And it's in no small part because of those two fateful October days in 2011.

We're proud at The CD to give Stoney's Denver the only 6 STAR rating we've ever given a bar & grill. Because when you fly the flag of Cardinal Nation in the town that has another MLB team, you've got guts (and reasonably priced beer specials).

If you're in Denver, go to Stoney's. And tell them how much you appreciate them adopting our team.