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Stuff From The News

All of these stories appeared in the news. 

None of them are worthy of their own post. So let's round them up…

1) Cards sign Ty Wigginton

He hits LH pitching pretty good. He seems to be a good clubhouse guy. He's ready to accept his role as a utility bench guy that works the corners. He gets 5 million dollars…

Wait, what?

5 million dollars? At least he didn't hit .235 in 2012. 

What? With an OPS of .688? Oh man, the Cardinals aren't going to sign Wainwright after all, are they?

2) Cards new ML guy was on the Duke 'list"

You remember this story? I'd kind of forgot the who thing until it got put back out there with the Schumaker trade. Like Matt Sebek said, some of his attributes have to translate well on the field.


3) Troy Glaus is coming back?

You every think you'd be talking about Troy Glaus and how he'd fit in with the Cardinals ever again? Me neither. 

But here we are, wondering if this is a viable flyer that the Cardinals can take and see what happens. 

Baseball has a funny way about it sometimes.