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Stuff That Sucks: Volume VI

‘m just annoyed in general, so let’s get this started.

1. The Cincinnati Reds.  You know, I think I dislike these assholes more than the Cubs right now.  I didn’t know it was possible, but my burning inferno of hatred has officially crossed state lines.  They just will NOT LOSE!!!  And it’s infuriating!!!  I cannot get behind this team.  I suppose career ending face stabbings have a way of doing that. 

2. Spiders. I actually don’t HATE spiders, but I wish they weren’t such a pain in the ass.  I mean, I understand that they need somewhere to go and that my balcony is a viable option, but GOOD GOD, they don’t have to be such raging assholes about it.  I’m hospitable, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

3. Lance Lynn.  All Star or not, it was a wise move to let this guy go think about some things in the bullpen.  YEESH.

4. Ice Cube Trays.  I truly don’t think I dislike any household chore more than emptying ice trays.   We can send space rovers to Mars, but yet I still cannot refill an ice tray without spraying at least an inch of water onto my kitchen floor.  Wet feet are not happy feet.  I AM A FAILURE.

5. Chasing the Wild Card.  GAAAAH.  I HATE IT!  This Cardinals team is good enough that none of this should be necessary. 

Sunday, Funday. Let’s kick some ass.