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Summer Reading & The Friday Links

Last night, Coach Mac, Ms. Coach Mac and I were getting paid to do a restaurant review (more on that later), but a nice old man in  a killer jacket approached our table at the Fox & Hound in the newly re-opened Chesire Inn and spotted our Team Cards Diaspora.com softball shirts (game earlier in the night, clinched first place, of course) and asked if this was because the Cardinals were playing so piss poor the past couple of weeks.

He thought they were Cardinals Diarrhea shirts.

But the dude must have been every bit of 85 and HE was even pissed at the way the Cardinals season was turning out. That being said, it’s the kind of cool thing about being a fan of the Cardinals is that no matter where you go or what you’re doing, there is probably someone pissed at something the Cardinals are up to. And we can’t say that about the Rays or Astros or about 25 other teams in MLB.

In lieu of doing some actual original work, let’s go around the horn with some self-serving promotion and a piece I thought was excellent by Tim McKernan on the Mizzou/Frank Haith scandal going down in Columbia:

1. A delayed piece on Marshall Faulk getting into the Hall of Fame: LINK HERE

2. Why the Rams first pre-season game was kind of a fail: LINK HERE

3. Join the CD NFL Pick ‘Em league and win something: LINK HERE

4. McKernan’s piece on the Mizzou/Miami/Haith ordeal: LINK HERE

The Cardinals HAVE to pound the Cubs this weekend. That team is in full melt-down mode and is already planning their off-season. I know some of these guys are playing for their jobs, but between the KSDK ‘Catch a Train, Catch a Game’ the FSN ‘Road Trip’ and the general apathy of Chicago Cubs fans this season… Wrigley is going to be a very friendly environment for the road team this weekend with thousands of red wearing beautiful people in the stands.

If they screw the pooch on the North Side? Well. I guess they’ll be even dead-er?

Now the Friday Links…

  • Eddie Gaedel’s at bat for the STL Browns was 60 years ago today. LINK HERE
  • Coach Mac opines on Albert Pujols in the middle of this video. LINK HERE
  • A nice feature on ‘The Hill’ from Gadling. LINK HERE
  • Perfection. LINK HERE
  • Jealousy. LINK HERE
  • The funniest guy on the internet is back at it. LINK HERE

That’s it. That’s the week. Let’s go out and enjoy something. Probably a lot of beer.