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Sunday’s Game Was A Great Distillation Of Cardinals Lost ’17 Season

The last time the Cardinals were over .500 for the season was on June 1st when they beat the Dodgers to push their record to 26-25.

47 days later, the Cardinals should be over .500 at 46-45, but because of two blown saves (FRI/SUN) against the Pirates, they are 44-47, which, as you already know, is not above .500.

Sunday’s implosion was particularly handy when it comes to distilling the Cardinals ’17 woes into a single game.

1) Did the Cardinals offense get foiled by a pitcher that probably shouldn’t be foiling anyone?


Here are Trevor Williams last 5 starts before the All-Star break:

  • 6/16 vs Cubs – L
  • 6/21 vs Brewers – L
  • 6/27 vs Rays – L
  • 7/2 vs Giants – L
  • 7/7 vs Cubs – L

One of the two RBIs the Cardinals were able to scratch out against Williams was produced by Carlos Martinez.

Speaking of…

2) Did the Cardinals waste a quality start?


With their ace on the mound fresh off an electric All-Star Game, the Cardinals lost a game where Martinez went 7 innings gave up 5 hits and 2 runs.

Is he capable of better games? Absolutely. Will a professional baseball team take a 7 inning, 2 run start every single game? Indeed they will.

And yet. And yet.

The Cardinals went 2 for 13 from the 2/3/4 spots in the lineup with 0 RBIs and 0 XBHs. The team had 10 LOBsters.

3) Were there curious managerial decisions? 


4) Did those curious managerial decisions work out well?


Maybe you watched the game yesterday. Maybe you didn’t.

If not, it was pretty much the game you’d expect from the Cardinals… slightly over 1/2 the time.

Photo: USF