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Thank You Oakland & The Friday Links

The city of Oakland has been kind to St. Louis over the years. In fact, we probably should send them a Edible Arrangement. 

They didn't pay Tony LaRussa after the 1995 season, clearing the way for him to start managing the Cardinals the following year and for the next 16 including 3 World Series'. (BTW, this included TLR's loyal partner Dave Duncan too.)

They traded Mark McGwire to the Cardinals in 1998 for TJ Matthews and Blake Stein, and in the process brought St. Louis out of a 1990's funk that revitalized baseball, not just in the city, but nationwide. Hell, it made Guns N' Roses like St. Louis again. 

They inspired Moneyball. And even though this isn't a direct link to the Cardinals success, the fact that Pujols' albatross of a contract is in LA right now while the Cardinals are playing for the division title probably wouldn't possible if Billy Bean wasn't so successful with his bargain bin roster.

Thanks Oakland!

It's really a tale of two franchises. One is the crown jewel of the National League, the other is battling sewage problems in their locker room. One is developing a city block outside their new-ish stadium as a revenue supplement, the other is having to sue to try and get approval on building a new home that's nowhere near Oakland.

Still, the A's keep fighting the good fight.

Maybe's it's all the aforementioned things. Maybe it's memories of a kid that grew up in the 90's wanting to be a 'Bash Brother'. Maybe it's lack of exposure. 

But whatever it is, I've always kind of liked the A's in a very casual way. 

I can't say I'll be rooting for them this weekend, because I won't. But afterwards, I wish them nothing but the best of luck. 

Now, the Friday Links…

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That's it. That's the week. The Cardinals are in the Bay Area for Pride Weekend and to play the A's. Meanwhile in St. Louis, it will be 140 degrees with 140% humidity, reminding us of the best Craigslist ad of the year. Make a big weekend.