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The 5 Year Anniversary Of “Rick The Stick”

Five years and 1 day ago, Rick Ankiel became a legend. 

Our friends over at Fan IQ reminded us that it’s already been half a decade since Rick The Stick put back on the Cardinals uniform after a 3 year exile in the minor leagues to “become a hitter”.

Please note: from 2001 to August 9 2007, Rick Ankiel had exactly 1 official at bat in the Major Leagues. One. Since? Nearly 1600 at bats and a second act that becomes more unbelievable the further we get away from it. 

Dude was Rookie of the Year in 2000. As a pitcher. Now he was back. As a bad ass center fielder. He would have so ruined Twitter.

A mere 2 weeks after the curtain went up on this second act he hit the first of many home runs:

So good.

That was one of the more underrated moments in Cardinal history. Didn’t particularly mean much for the season or the game even, but for everyone, present company included, that wrote him off? 

Redemption never tasted so sweet. 

He’s been away from the Cardinals for several years now, but Cards Diaspora Rick Ankiel will always have a special place with Cards Diaspora. (Ed. Note: Yes, Cards Diaspora will always have a special place with Cards Diaspora)

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That’s it. That’s the week. We gave away some keychains. Got a trade of Tyler Greene. Heard from Trumbsy. I’d say we’ve earned a couple days off.