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The Anatomy of the Tyler Greene Drop

Little Tyler Greene dropped a real easy pop fly last night to cost Cardinals starter Jamie Garcia his 6th win of the season. Of all the thousands of errors the Cardinals have made these past 2 months – this one was the worst.

Let’s go to the tape a break this sucker down…

1> The 3 year-old in front of me at the game told his dad that Tyler Greene ‘needed to squeeze’. Not so fast, squirt. Looks like Tyler Greene squeezed this one off a bit pre-maturely. And yes, that was double entendre.

2> Gaga Little Monster claws have no place in baseball. Let alone during a play.

3> Stoned? Sleepy? Science says you have a much easier time catching the ball with your eyes open.

4> Lot of arm paraphernalia on this young man. That wrist wrap looks particularly tight. I think we can just blame this on the Cardinals medical staff and call it a day…