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The Best Cardinals Article This Off-Season

Friends, I'm not beyond reproach here. Most days you're going to get what you pay for on The CD… crap writing for free. 

And I'll admit, there have been several things I've been wrong on. More than I'd like to have out there in cyberspace.
It's part of the game. Throw some words out there and some of them are bound to look stupid after a while.
But this. This is the opposite of that. (LINK HERE)
This article is a little slice of wonder in an otherwise tepid off-season. It comes from a site called Gather.com and popped up on the first page of Google News results for "St. Louis Cardinals".
And it's really outstanding. I'm not sure about you, but I've now got Gather right above Y! Sports and ESPN Insider on my bookmark bar for news and information. 
The author theorizes that Kyle Lohse might just be leaving the Cardinals in free agency. Further, other teams have an interest in Kyle Lohse. 
It was written December 7th.
The real kicker, though? The ending. Read that ending. Did you do it yet? Did you read that? 
The Onion has finally met it's match. Well done, Gather. Well done.