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The Cardinals Are Past The Inflection Point

Baseball is unique in varied ways, but the one thing that always intrigued me about the sport is the length of the season.

Not that it’s too long, or that it’s too short. But just that, well… it’s long. From March until October, you can watch a professional baseball game almost every single night if you really wanted to. More specifically, the ebb and flow of your mood can vary wildly within the construct of championship set.

In 2011, we’ve already been subjected to a litany of emotions. From the disappointment of the Pujols non-signing, to the Wainwright news, to the Berkman renaissance to the Ryan Franklin meltdown… you get the point. And don’t all those things feel like a million years ago?

I bring this up because I’ve checked out of everything Cardinals for the 2011 season.

Maybe you’re still watching every night. Maybe you’re still checking the box score. Good on you. If you’re enjoying yourself, then who am I to quesiton how you get that enjoyment (legally). Personally, my time is more valuable to me. If 25 paid men can’t muster a shit about their season, why should I?

So until I saw a headline today on a site I work for that the Cardinals took 3 of 4 from Pittsburgh this weekend, I assumed they split. Or lost 3 of 4. A month ago I would have been dissecting at bats and individual games on this here site and now I couldn’t tell you if the team won or not unless I happen upon the news. It’s just funny how all those things and all the levels of interest happened in the same season… and there are still quite a few games remaining.

It’s on to football for me. So if things start to get weird here on the site as the games dwindle away, don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s going to happen. And we’ll get back to the baseball stuff when the playoffs start. And then the Hot Stove will be hotter than ever for the Cards. And then the new cycle starts all over again. But we’ve got a month in limbo. And it sucks.

Maybe the Cardinals can even watch this year and see what they’re missing out on. Then again, they’d probably just remembered they’re rich without caring, so what’s the point.