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The Cardinals Are The Symphony

The 2013 St. Louis Cardinals are the symphony: respected, beautiful and only enjoyed by a very devout base. 

And just like the symphony, you're not convincing anyone to get on board. They're going to have to make that choice on their own terms.

I bring this up because the Cardinals are an excellent team. Maybe one of the best teams we've seen in the past 20 years.

But unlike the 2004 Cards who had superstars like Albert Pujols and Jim Edmonds stuffing the ESPN highlight reels, this team does all the little things well… 

Little things don't cut through the noise like they used to. Just ask the San Antonio Spurs.

You'll see Matt Holiday's grand slam, sure.

But when David Freese fought off an 0-2 count and slapped a single to the right side to start a rally? That's the play of note that started an explosive 7 run 10th inning. 

Every Cardinal game is filled with several of these winning moments. Taking the extra base. Hitting to the opposite field. Fouling off 6 pitches to get to the other guys' bullpen 1/2 inning earlier. These little wins are begetting team wins.

It's hard to sell great pitching, timely smart hitting and mental toughness to America. They've got Duck Dynasty re-runs to catch up on.

So screw it.

Let them talk about Yasiel Puig. Or Bryce Harper. Or Mike Trout. 

We'll just be over here, by the Mississippi watching a beautiful concerto that has just finished a stirring first act. 
We can't force you to appreciate it, but at this tempo, we'll see you at the Busch Stadium concert hall in late October.