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The Cardinals Have A New Food Truck; Other Food Trucks Still Open

The Cardinals have started a food truck.

Life requires choices. Almost constantly. And now, with the addition of the Cardinals food truck, you have one more choice.

Here is the Cardinals food truck:

It is bigger than most food trucks.

The Cardinals food truck will serve various ballpark food along with ‘creations’ from Cardinals Nation restaurant. Here is the menu:

The Cardinals food truck has many ways to interact with it:

And while we have no opinion on the Cardinals food truck or the fare that will be passed through it’s windows, I would also like to remind you, patron of downtown St. Louis, that there are many food trucks and not just a Cardinals food truck. Many are operated by hard working residents of the city who would be appreciative of your business.

In fact, there is a St. Louis Food Truck Association that has 48 different trucks listed on their site. You can also go to Twitter and follow ones you think you might like to see where they will be.

Photo: Cardinals