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The Cardinals Make The Playoffs: PESSIMISM

The Cardinals are in the playoffs? 

Does a one game Wild Card game even count as the “The Playoffs”? You think that Ted Williams or Stan Musial would have been spraying champagne all over each other buttholes because they got a chance to have a chance to make it to the NLCS?

Me neither.

But here we are. Heading into a half-sold Turner Field for a insta-game-7 made for TV affair. Too bad we’ve got Kyle Lohse as our pitcher.

Quick, let’s list all of Kyle’s huge playoff performances as a Cardinal. What’s that you say? He’s 0-2 with a 7.89 ERA. That’s OK, I’m sure this will be the year he gets his sea legs on the big stage.


Not only that, but who else is feeling the whole Kyle Lohse drops a stink bomb, ends the Cardinals season, leaves in free agency for a big contract Scott Boras extracted from some sap and comes back in 2013 to St. Louis to a chorus of boos and apathy? Because that’s exactly what’s happening, isn’t it?

Kyle Lohse was once considered to be one of the worst contracts in Cardinal history. He’s redeemed himself with a nice little ’11 and an even better ’12. But that old Loshe is lurking somewhere deep inside and he’s been itching to get out.

Who’s ready for one final Loshing?