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The Cardinals New Uniforms & The Friday Links

Anyone else get a little caught off guard with these new uniforms? 

Let's backtrack a bit here.
You know that you're living in a baseball town when a full-blown news conference is called, replete with live coverage and no commercial interruption and multiple speakers… to show off an alternate jersey. 
I could be wrong, but San Diego changes their uniforms the 1st and 15th of every other month. I don't think it even makes the blogs. 
Anyway, I'm watching (KSDK) and see that the Cardinals are unwrapping a brand new uniform that they'll wear on Saturdays, at home. 
Shouldn't I have heard about this before this very moment? How'd they keep this so secret? A new jersey is a new jersey, though and up and to the right, you see it.
What do you think?
I hate it. 
It's not ugly by any means, but I hate it. The Cardinals don't need it. They don't need a third jersey. They have a grey one and a white one and it has nothing on it but the logo and I like it like that and you're not going to change my mind. 
I know they want to goose holiday sales, (after all, a 3 game choke doesn't sell as well as a World Series around the gift buying season) but I can't think we're boosting these cream colored duds from the Giants.
BOOOOO! We couldn't win 1 out of three games, we don't need to copy EVERYTHING they do. 
It'll be a hit. People will buy it. Maybe I'll come around. 
Still… we didn't need this. We didn't. 
Now, the Friday Links…

Because screw you, that's why. LINK HERE

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Uncle Drew is back. LINK HERE (via Mountain Fresh)

That's it. That's the week. Sorry about the missing links for so long. On to Vegas.