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The Cards Diaspora App? Seriously?

Has mobile technology hit its nadir?

With the introduction of the Cards Diaspora app, in my estimation, yes.

Believe it or not, some people enjoy reading this site. I know- hard to swallow. But true. And one of the questions (by questions, I mean complaints) I get on a semi-regular basis is that our website is horrible to read on the web. Now since we’ve moved to Bloguin from the MVN Network, this problem has been less serious… but still, it wasn’t perfect.

Until today.

Today we’re releasing the Cards Diaspora app for iPhone & Andoid operating systems. So if you have an iPhone, Driod or any number of other Andriod phone, please do us a favor and shut the hell up. We’ve heard your complaints and now you have a dedicated app that makes getting your daily dose of shenanigans mobile friendly.

It also gives you other news, let’s you search the site and do some pretty cool things. In the next update we even hope to have mobile commenting enabled. It’s not pocket fart yet… but we’re getting there.


If you’ve got a Blackberry, Nokia or HTC smartphone, we’re working on that app now. Unfortunately, it takes a little bit more work for those platforms than anticipated. But we haven’t forgotten about you guys. Promise.

Go to the big bolded link above to learn more and to download- TODAY! As always, thanks for your support of this stupid little hobby.

PS:  This really isn’t some sort of joke. I know that you’d like to think it was, but it isn’t. Go to your iTunes and check it out. Apple even had to have some lackey look at our app and read a story about Chris Duncan humping something!