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The Cards Diaspora App: UPDATE


Have you downloaded the Cards Diaspora app? 

NO: I hate you guys. Why would I do that to my phone? (You're fine. Skip to the next post.)

YES: I've downloaded this POS. And now it's broke. (We know. The people that built the app have stopped supporting it and it will never work again. You can delete it ASAP. And our new solution is below.)

First, thanks for reading.


We all appreciate it and it doesn't go unoticed. Since you read the blog on our app and our app is now dead, we've come up with a solution that's being rolled out on The CD now and soon to all Bloguin Blogs.

Bloguin has teamed up with Notice Software to bring you Alert Rocket push notifications that will send your mobile device updates with every new CD post.

Getting this new feature on your phone takes all of about 20 seconds and we're here to walk you through the steps.

#1 – Visit our site on your mobile device and click the OK button when the widget pops up on your screen. In other words, open up your phone's brower and go to http://www.CardsDiaspora.com.

#2 – Click the view button to download and install the Alert Rocket app onto your phone.


#3 – Open the Alert Rocket app to view your push notification subscriptions.  You can click on a subscription to change its settings.  We recommend setting quiet times so that the alerts don't pop up at inopportune times. That is, unless you enjoy waking up at 3am to read our latest ramblings.


That's it! 

Now you're all set up and will start receiving updates with each story we post. This feature will be rolling out across the Bloguin Network, so be sure to check out all your favorite sites and sign up for alerts. Or just stick to the CD alerts. And even if you don't want the push notifications, this can serve as much better CD app that you can bring other feeds into.

Thanks again for reading.