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The CD Road Trip: Lipstick City And Friday Links

As I type this, I’m in an airport in Albuquerque. I’m not trying to make you jealous.


I’m actually on a layover on my way to Los Angeles where I will be attending the taping of The Bachelorette ‘Men Tell All’ – the episode that will air the Monday before the series finale where all the contestants from this season come back and talk about what we’ve been watching the past 10 weeks.


Good question, actually.

I’ll defend myself by saying that generally I like highbrow or lowbrow TV. Frontline is good TV. So is The Bachelor. But for wildly disparate reasons. You may hate some of this reality ‘crap’, but I equally hate your Men 2.5 and CSI’s. They’re unchallenging, predictable and appeal to everyone by appealing to no one.

My love for The Bachelor(ette) really was re-kindled last summer when Producer Joe of KFNS 590 and Don Luc starting really bantering about the show all over the internet. I had feigned enjoyment of this show back in college- but that was mostly to hang out with hot chicks on Monday nights.

I decided it’d be fun to do some Live Blogs of the show to kind cut through the monotony of a long baseball season. And sure enough, now are some of the most read articles on the site.

I do enjoy watching the show… but never really aspired to be a part of it in anyway until a great friend of mine passed this site on to her cousin. Who happens to know people that run The Bachelor. She asked if I’d be willing to fly to LA to see the finale taped and I told her that if she made that happen, I’d get on a plane.

Saturday, I’ll be at the taping.

It’s taking place at the ArcLight Theater in LA and according to the nice production assistant that reached out, we’ll be served a ‘light lunch’ and get to watch the upcoming episodes that are yet to air.

Then we’ll be herded into a studio for 4 hours of taping. In a couple of weeks you’ll see this episode on ABC and I may or may not be cut to for reaction shots.

Oh, and Fresh WC is coming with me.

Now we’ve done some pretty gay stuff here on this site. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But this takes the cake as the most effeminate endeavor this site has undertook. I apologize in advance for anything that’s posted next week.

If you want real live updates (as much as I don’t sign my life away to) then follow on Twitter below.

Now, the Friday Links…

  • Will Ferrell out takes are better than the real thing? LINK HERE
  • It’s hot today, isn’t it. This guy might have nailed. LINK HERE
  • 8 facts about the Smurfs that are pretty interesting. LINK HERE
  • The best mug shot t-shirts of all time. LINK HERE
  • Guess the Google. The game. LINK HERE
  • The History of Rap PII w/ Fallon & Timberlake. LINK HERE

That’s it. We’re off to be famous. If Fresh WC gets cast on the show somehow- well, you’re in for a a change in direction for this site. Have a big weekend.