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The Cincinnati Toe Sucker

I’ve been to many baseball games.


But until yesterday I hadn’t seen a request for toe sucking. And this Reds fan made sure that whatever need I had to witness such an event was quenched.

She didn’t lose a bet. She wasn’t over the top drunk. She was just a girl who saw a toe and threw caution to the wind and started sucking and licking. I took the best picture I could, but truth be told, I was a little taken aback.

Turns out that Cincinnati has a bit of a history with toe suckers:

+  Former Clinton advisor and Cincinnati Councilman Dick Morris was a toe-sucker: LINK HERE

+ This Cincinnati man broke into home to suck on toes before casing the place: LINK HERE

+ Even Jesus has resurrected and is in C-Town sucking on toes: LINK HERE

Just goes to show that you never, ever know what you’re going to learn. Who knew that while we were making fun of Cincinnati for the meth and Ochocinco, everybody else living there was puffing toe.