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The Closer Conundrum

Sunday was a Top 10 day in St. Louis. 

Unlike San Diego or Miami where 80 degree cloudless days with a consistent breeze seem to be called Tuesday, St. Louis sees precious few. Sitting in Busch Stadium, watching baseball, drinking beers… chances are if you're on this site in the first place, you agree – it doesn't get much better.

Then it got worse.

Much worse.


We haven't commented much on Jason Motte here in this space. Much like the rest of Cardinal fans, we're waiting for the official word on his elbow condition. But he's going need Tommy John surgery and his season is over. 

Yes, there is a chance that's not true. But Motte hasn't begun a throwing regimen yet. April is more than half-way over. And other closers, including former Cardinal Jason Isringhausen, have said the surgery is a fait accompli. 

Mitchell Boggs entered the game with a lead. Mitchell Boggs exited the game without the lead. 
Unlike pretty much any other player on a baseball field, the closer has the unique position of knowing that he alone can ruin everyone's day. Boggs, again, did just that.
He exited to a smattering of boos. When that happens in St. Louis things have gone way off the rails. 
It has to be a tense time in the Cardinals front office. With the pending Motte surgery and Boggs blowing up, the Cardinals are suddenly lacking in one of the high profile positions in baseball.
Trevor Rosenthal has shown he's a still a rookie. Edward Mujica? Pitches lights out in the 7th. We're thinking that could be the answer?
With Lance Lynn struggling on Monday night, is he suddenly an option?
The first crisis of 2013 is upon the Cardinals.