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The Eighth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

We’ve got something fun planned for you later this morning, so we’ll make this quick.

Do you have that friend who just kills conversations any time they start talking? They blurt out a bad joke or pun, or some nonsense fact, and it results in six seconds of silence. Of course you do – unless you don’t, which makes you the conversation killer friend.

We’ve got an item today that killed the throwback jersey craze with a machete. Maybe ten or so years ago, throwbacks became all the rage. It was quite an awesome time. Believe it or not back then (only if you were rich and owned a camera phone in 2002), when you caught an obscure throwback jersey in the wild, you had to take a pic and pass your phone around to your friends instead of posting it online for the entire world to see. How crazy is that?!

So for whatever reason, MLB knew that Cardinal fans were fed up with such boring throwback options like Stan, Lou, Gibby and Ozzie, and obviously they chose Tim McCarver.
Whenever I look at this, all I hear is “Womp wahmmmm” in my head. Somehow these didn’t sell too well, as they’ve ended up in the clearance section of MLBShop.com (warning: $220 is the “clearance” price). It’s almost as if no one likes Tim McCarver or something…