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The Eleventh Day of Cardinal Crapmas

This feature has had a heavy bias towards the guys thus far, so today let’s give you something for the ladies:

The handful of women I associate myself with have a strong distaste for pink Cardinals gear. And I’m proud of each and every one of them. Oddly enough, to me that’s not even the main reason why I put this in the Cardinal Crap category. It’s the wording on the shirt.

In case you can’t tell, it reads: Gimme That Cardinals Kinda Feelin’. Now read it slowly and really think this one out:

Gimme That Cardinals Kinda Feelin

What does that even mean??  Seriously – let’s take out the “kinda” and assume this is a full-on Cardinals Feelin’.  What the hell does Cardinals Feelin’ mean?!

Picture you and a group of friends going to a ballgame, and six minutes before the first pitch, one of the females in your group says “Gimme that Cardinals kinda feelin!” Nobody would have a clue what she meant. Does she want the game to start? Does she want Skip to dive headfirst into first base? Does she want to be Eiffel Tower’d by Freese and Descalso?