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The End Of Jared Schumaker In St. Louis

Skip Schumaker is no longer a Cardinal. He's been traded to the Dodgers for a AA infielder. 

This isn't a surprise to anyone. Schumaker, the consummate professional, saw the writing on the wall with the Cardinals and discreetly requested a trade from GM John Mozeliak. 
I'm pretty sure outside of his family and some truly die hard fans, this is really the end to a pleasant, if not unforgettable era.
No disrespect to Jared, but I believe it to be quite the testament that he was able to survive on a championship caliber team for 7 seasons. 
In 2005 and 2006, he was an AAA bedrock, getting called up for spurts and hitting lightly in just over 50 games. In 2007 he became a full-time MLB player and has been on the Cardinals ever since, playing in at least 105 games since 2008.
How did we make it this far?
Mr. Schumaker doesn't have a natural position. He didn't hit for power. Wasn't all that fast. Again, this wasn't some bullshit era he was donning the Birds on the Bat in… the Cardinals won 2 World Series in his tenure.
Plus the batting gloves. Totally annoying when he was slumping. Just get in the damn box already.
Mr. Schumaker was a hustler though. Head-first dives into 1B. Talking a new position (2B) after not playing it for a decade. Always propagating the Cardinal lore.
Only in St. Louis.
Someone is going to step in and fill Skip's role adequately. And we wish him well in Los Angeles. 
But the Skip era in St. Louis has ended after somehow, someway making it for 8 seasons.