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The Final Day of the Off-Season & Creepy Comment Makers

Today is very last day until (hopefully) November where there won’t be at least some sort of something to talk about as it pertains of to St. Louis Cardinals baseball…

… Pitchers and Catchers report TOMORROW!

Let’s be honest. Over the past 4 months this website has gotten woefully off track. From NASCAR photo ops to Super Bowl food spreads. Tacky give-a-ways and peeping tom vids. Oh, and Cubs anal. It’s been a mess of HTML.

Unfortunately, not much will change- we’ll just have baseball to talk about too.


Something about those fawning reports on guys having a catch from crusty white men in awful Hawaiian shirts gets me excited for guys wearing tights and swatting a ball with a stick.  Or something.

Se la vie winter, you miserable fuck, Spring is officially coming tomorrow. And it couldn’t be soon enough.

In other news…

Those not privy to my Gmail (and Google has done everything they can this past week to make that a non-issue) haven’t been keeping up with the e-mail chain that details how much the InsideSTL.com commenter’s hate my guts.

Let’s go to the screen cap:

I’ve redacted my place of work from the creepy guy with the most recent hateful barb… but the Waterboy was wondering how he knew where I worked AND that I had a Mardi Gras party? Is a Facebook event advertising? Is this guy a friend of mine? Is there anything douchier than calling someone a douche bag?

So many questions. If you want to check for more comments later today, here’s the link.

Bottom line, though: I suck at everything and deserve to be flogged.

Yup. Sounds about right.