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The Friday Links

The Rams are having a ‘takeover day’ on the NFL Network today.

So if you’re looking for something to replace your mid-day World Cup viewing you’ve gotten used to the past couple of weeks, I suppose this is a viable alternative. You know, if you put aside the last 10 years and ’95 through ’98… and maybe 2002-2004, the Rams have a pretty good story to tell!

Now, The Friday Links…

The World Cup round of 16 begins tomorrow morning with a huge game between host Brazil and Chile. (A reminder… We’re coming for you Belgium.) Dan Caesar used this week’s media column to remind all of us that numbers are what you make of them.

He’s not wrong. But he’s not totally right either:


Stats, people. They can tell any story you want. It all comes down to your outlook, I suppose.

Do me a favor and have the best weekend of all time. And go USA. They will play next on Tuesday July 1st @ 3pm. Hopefully St. Louis breaks another soccer viewing record. Just like they did the last week, right Dan?