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The Friday Links

The Rammies open up the 2014 season with their first game tonight against the Saints.

The game itself will tell us absolutely nothing about the team or the forthcoming season… but HEY – NFL! Unfortunately some of our friends in the national media are staring to get on the bandwagon. And if there’s one thing we know about the Rams, it’s that they don’t deal well with expectations.

Then again, they don’t deal well with not having expectations either.

Point is, anyone that wants to tell me that the Rams are going to be really good this year can save breath until about 6 weeks in. If they’re 5-1 or 4-2 at that point… I’ll believe.

Now, The Friday Links…

That’s it. That’s the week. Cardinals head to Camden Yards for three against the Orioles. Cherish it. After all, when’s the last time you actually said the world Orioles? It’s been a while, right? Orioles.