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The Friday Links

I’m not going to bore everyone with another Rams post today, but a couple thoughts you can skip over and get right to the links, if you like.

1) Rams drafted an O-tackle and a D-tackle. Hopefully they’re both good NFL players. Neither guy makes you want to pick up your phone and text a buddy. Neither guy inspires a hashtag on Twitter. Neither guy will be mentioned on SportsCenter again for the foreseeable future.

It’s nice the Rams are ‘building from the inside out’ – problem is, they’re in the entertainment business. But seem to be focused on anything but.

2) I’m not rooting against Bradford. I hope he figures it all out in 2014. But now that the Rams have gone all-in, nothing less than the playoffs this upcoming season will suffice. If he doesn’t step up, I’m afraid the Rams will be in serious danger of rebuilding through the end of the decade.

Now, The Friday Links…

That’s it. Those are The Friday Links. The Cardinals are in Pittsburgh this weekend for a 3 game set. I think the Cardinals are scheduled to play home games in 2014, but I could be wrong about that.