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The Friday Links

The Rams haven’t had this much media coverage COMBINED over the past decade.

But the Michael Sam story has hit an artery with the media. His introductory press conference earlier this week was packed. ESPN is giving him the full ESPN treatment al la Timmy Tebow circa 2012. And now Oprah announces she’s making a reality show with Sam as the star.

The last times the Rams were relevant was 10 years ago. Before Twitter and Instagram. Before YouTube and live streams. One seventh round draft pick and they’re now squarely in the spotlight.

Let’s all enjoy the ride. And hope that Mike Sam is as well.

Now, The Friday Links…

Also, if you didn’t hear, LouFest is better than ever this year, headlined by Outkast. Be sure to head out to Forest Park’s only concert this summer. Tickets went on sale this week. Get yours now and support the show.