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The Guide To STL Cards Blogoshpere

c70I know for a fact that some of the people that come to this site aren’t what you’d call ‘Web Savvy’ (i.e. they still haven’t seen the Erin Andrews tape or they think Bit Torrent is a Norwegian death metal band)

That’s cool. We don’t judge.

But if you want to expand your horizions just a bit AND you enjoy reading about Cardinals related stuff, our buddy Daniel over @ C70 At The Bat has put together a kick ass list of all the sites that are worth a shit about the Cardinals.

Here’s the excerpt about this fine URL:

In a different vein, the guys at Cardinal Diaspora are humorous in their own right.  Intermixing funny analogies into their discussion of current topics, Aaron Hooks and HMW can be counted on to bring an edgy look at the Cardinals and other things that involve St. Louis sports. Or not. The CD guys will write about just about anything. While it may not always be family-friendly, it’s definitely a different perspective than most any other blog out there.”

Not family friendly? Uh, you’re telling me that WASN’T Fresh WC in bed with your mom last night? She seemed pretty effing friendly from the iPhone video I saw.


We appreciate the inclusion and we hope that you guys will go explore the deep, dark depths of ‘blogs’ beyond this craphole of a site.

Just come back.