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The Holliday Re-Cap Post

Did you hear? The Cardinals re-signed Matt Holliday to a new contract. I know, right? You would have figured somebody would have said something.

The deal is worth 120 million dollars over 7 years (17M/per) and ensures that the beefy majority of Holliday’s career will be spent donning the birds on the bat.

World… REACT!

  • Bleacher Report says the signing of Holliday ushers in a ‘World Series or Bust’ attitude: LINK HERE
  • Tim McKernan (InsideSTL) isn’t above a bad pun to show their excitement over the new deal: LINK HERE
  • Jeff Passan of Yahoo! puts a turd in the punch bowl… just what Pujols will get now: LINK HERE
  • Tim Kurkjian waxes nostalgic about Holliday, Johnson and Bay. I think: LINK HERE
  • The NY Post gives a factual report… but check out what the 1st comment says. Creep-y: LINK HERE
  • Bryan Burwell gives all the credit to Cardinals GM John Moeliak: LINK HERE
  • Pitcher’s Hit Eighth wonders how this effects the lineup: LINK HERE
  • SI credits the ‘leg kick’ and not Scott Boras with a huge payday for the OF: LINK HERE
  • VEB doesn’t know what to make of this contract for the Cardinals. But they like it. I think. LINK HERE
  • B.J. Rains of the Globe-Democrat gets the players reactions on the news Holliday is back. LINK HERE
  • The Riverfront Times’ Rundown is tepid in it’s excitement (It’s not our money, man!) LINK HERE
  • Matt Leach checks in with some tidbits on the Holliday signing. LINK HERE
  • Richard Justice’s headline might be the most comical thing I’ve read on this signing. LINK HERE
  • C70 At The Bat is satisfied after finally bedding their man. Wait. That doesn’t sound good. LINK HERE
  • Derrick Goold talks about how this deal alters the landscape of the Cardinals. LINK HERE
  • Matt Holliday merchandice options for Cardinal fans via Joe Sports Fan. LINK HERE
  • 10 Tips for the Holliday’s as they come back to STL via Punching Kitty. LINK HERE
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… More as they come in.