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The iPad Unleashes Killer MLB App

And they called it the iPad. And it was good.

Yes, I’m typing this on a MacBook Pro. Yes, I own this t-shirt that depicts the iPhone innards in the style of Leonardo DaVinci. I may or may not have wet dreams about the Cupertino summer breeze wafting though my back turtleneck.

But all that’s beside the point. Because getting one of these things might just be worth the $499 for one single app: MLB (Link Here)

Could I interest you in home or away broadcasts for every game? How about a little touch screen action that pulls up any player or game stats when you swipe your finger across them in action? Maybe a little instant DVR feature that let’s you be your own re-play booth, complete with alternate angles that aren’t on TV would tickle your fancy?

Maybe you didn’t hear me— NO Dan or Al ALL SUMMER!

You can watch video from the live demonstration via that link above… but MLB developers had about 2 weeks to put that together and I want it. So I’d imagine that by April 1, we’re going to completely ravenous.

Now watch this: