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The Manager Being Managed & The Friday Links

Mike Matheny has a Mitchell Boggs problem.

Not insomuch as Mitchell Boggs comes in and can't get outs, causing the Cardinals to make games closer than needed, if not lose games they shouldn't. 
No, that's not the problem. It's A problem, for sure. It's just not THE problem. The BIG problem.
Zero baseball fans expect every pitch of every game to be perfect. The other teams score runs. Hopefully less times than more they do it more than you.
Mitchell Boggs is on the unfortunate end of many of those runs in 2013. He's part of the #FireSquad that's making a historically good run of starts for the Cardinals feel, shall we say, squandered. 
Mike Matheny seems to be the only one that doesn't equate Mitchell Boggs with bad things for the team. 
He's more than content to call on #41 in situations like last night where the Brewers had 2 runs on. Boggs disappointed by walking two and letting a run score.
Remind you of anyone?

If I'm Boggs, I appreciate the bosses loyalty. All athletes want a shot a redemption and Boggs has gotten many more chances in 2013 than any other player in baseball. Hopefully the dude will get his Roy McAvoy moment at some point in 2013.
But Matheny's stubbornness has been costly. 
Costly on two fronts, actually. 
On-field performance should equate to managerial moves. But it hasn't in 2013. It's almost as if the good sheppard role Matheny has fostered has clouded what the ultimate goal of baseball is… WINNING.
Further, the players that ARE performing notice. Yes, they're all on-board with the skip for now. But each time they see #41 come out to the field and repeat history, they start to question just what his motives are. Good guy, sure.
Good manager? 
The Cardinals are going to force Matheny's hand and send Boggs to AAA
But it's not the GM's job to manage the Cardinals. And, like it or not, this option to the minors seems like the manager being managed. 
Now, the Friday Links:
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That's it. That's the week. That last link was posted to make you forget that we're getting 40" of rain and temps that max out at 45 degrees the first weekend in May. It'll all be OK as long as Pitino's horse doesn't win the KY Derby. Let's. Go. Blues.