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The NFL is Back Plus The Friday Links

The baseball season was over some time ago for us Cardinal fans. 

Some would argue around the middle of June or so, but for most of us, we really started losing interest mid to late August and officially threw in the towel after the Cards squandered every inch of ground they made up with that sweep in Milwaukee last week.

But I think we still kind of felt guilty about it, right? Kind of like we had some sort of obligation to tune in every night and fire off a few mean-spirited Tweets before heading to bed.

Then BOOM!

The NFL returned Thursday and night and I, for one, didn’t think about baseball even a second during that game. Hell, I forget what baseball even was.

Don’t get me wrong. I love baseball. But it just not that fun of a sport when your team isn’t ‘in’ it. The day to day grind is it’s charm. But when the grind actually turns into a grind, it’s hard to get fired up about any of it. Worse, you just kind of want it to be all over so the playoffs can start.

Makes you wonder just how Baltimore or Pittsburgh have anyone interested in their teams. It can’t be as bad as The Wire made it seem up there, right?

On the other hand, I could give 2 shakes about Green Bay or New Orleans as a fan. But I sat my ass down and watched the whole game. The NFL is just way sexier. And when the Rams actually have a chance to be good… well, that’s just damn good news.

So let’s meet before the game Sunday and celebrate the end of the 2011 Cardinals.

What’s that, you’d like a shameless plug? You can read athooks @ SB Nation all season long… LINK HERE

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That’s it. That’s the week. And a short one at that. Make sure and show all those amateurs that were out partying last weekend how it’s done this weekend.

And if you feel super altruistic, do something productive. Like watch football for 7 hours Sunday instead of 8.