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The Official Cards Diaspora Neon Sign

I don’t want to be one of those jerks that says “wow, I never win anything” right after I win something, because that just wouldn’t be true. I’ve won things from time to time and sometimes those things are kind of cool. I’d rather have won the Powerball once, but that’s not happening. Overall, I’m pretty sure that my ratio of entering something to winning something is around average.

Late in the summer Variety, The Children’s Charity, had a beer tasting event about 5 blocks from my house. Drinking to support disadvantaged youth seemed like a good enough excuse to get drunk to me- so I did just that.

For whatever reason (i.e. the girl selling the tickets was probably cute) I bought a raffle ticket to a contest where I could win a neon sign made however I wanted. A few hours later I won.

It finally arrived yesterday and this is what it looks like:

That’s right.

That’s a genuine Cards Diaspora NEON SIGN. And it’s going to be in my living room long after this site is dead and left for the Way Back Machine.

Maybe you were once of those lucky bastards that got neon signs somewhere along the way, but I’ve never had one. And it’s pretty undeniable that neon is SUPER COOL.

And yes, I did solicit ideas for the sign, since I could have whatever I wanted. The only one that was slightly amusing was the suggestion of making the sign say “making neon signs is a terrible job” just to see what the maker of the sign would do with that. But after that moment of meta that I’d never bear witness to, I’d be stuck with the ultimate hipster neon sign.

So I played it safe, got a CD sign and can’t wait for everyone I ever have over to my house to stare at it and tell me how awesome I am for having a neon sign.

Fade me.