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The Phrase That Won’t Die

I thought it was dead. 

I thought that after a season filled with the laziest trope the Cardinals evoked, we were finally done. We wouldn't have to see it ever again and we would all be the better for it.

Than I click on the Sporting News 'Hot Stove 2013' for the Cardinals and there it is. The phrase that SCREAMS that what you're about to read is nothing more than filler.


Here's the leade: No Albert Pujols? No Tony LaRussa? No problem for rookie manager Mike Matheny and the Cardinals, who came within one win of reaching the World Series.

No LaRussa. No Pujols. No Problem. 
It's been ubiquitous, long after it should have been. The Cardinals were  indeed a different team in 2013.
But even without the hall of fame manager and the former best player in baseball, the Cards still had enough talent to be a playoff team… just maybe not a World Series team.
It was cute in April, when we were still getting to know this new team, with a new skip. But now in November?
We've moved on national media, we suggest you do the same.