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The Power Ballad For Albert

A year ago we brought you Albert’s Song. We’ve received plenty of critical acclaim, fame and fortune since, but we weren’t going to get lazy on you and let that be our Whoomp! (There It Is), oh no.

Especially when we have such a talented singer at the helm. With over 13,000 views of Albert’s Song, many have called Aaron Hooks “The Michael Buble of Cardinal Bloggers” and deservedly so.

But how do you follow a smash hit? Like all well-respected rock stars know, you come at ’em with a power ballad that really gets the crowd in a love-making mood. That’s probably not going to happen here, but we tried.

Let’s listen to How Do You Remove A Statue From My Heart?

Did you expect anything other than greatness from us? Fare thee well, Alberto.